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Our Price: $10.00  Per Site w/ Installation
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Description: With this simple package you can get our service on your site. This package includes one version of our software delivered via .zip file. It also includes one software installation on any server that meets the requirements for our software. You can deliver unlimited amounts of rss feeds on your site and on other sites all over the internet. Any website now can run it's own feed delivery system similar to ours. It's simple to get started. The software will work just like it does on our site with NO links to "QuickRSSFeeds.com".

What ways is this software being used?

We have deployed this software on many websites. Currently it's being used in many ways. Some include:
- Delivering RSS/XML feeds on your website.
- Delivering RSS/XML feeds on other websites.
- Showing educational headlines to schools.
- Delivering weather information to thousands.
- Opening a news headline website.
Note: We provide this service for free and we host it. However, if you host it on your site using our software it will work much faster. With added benefits of customization of CSS files and how the feeds appear.

How do I Purchase This Software?

Our payment processor is StormPay.com. They provide hundreds of thousands of purchases daily. We currently use them to process payments on our website. If you would like to purchase our software simply click the link below to add to your cart and within 24 hours your software will be installed on your server. Before purchasing our software please review our Privacy Policy. If you still have any questions about our software please email us at [email protected] before you purchase the software.

How will you know where to install?
How do you deliver my software?

You will be emailed your payment details when you purchase your software. We'll review your request and deliver your software. We'll deliver your .zip file before we continue with the install. Then within the next 24 hours someone from our install team will contact you at the email you used during your software to get details about your installation. If you would like to submit this information in advance please email your server information and purchase ID to [email protected] We'll then directly install your software.

What is your return policy?

All purchases are final. If other problems arise like payment options were canceled or funding from an incorrect account changes can be made.


We have completed the BETA version of our RSS reader. Check it out. In two weeks and after feedback from users we'll release a full version of the reader. But it does have the same ability of all other readers. Download Now. Send feeback to [email protected]

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