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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Cool RSS website of the day.

Feed-Directory.com is a complete directory of syndicated feeds. With over several thousand feeds in its database. We love this site because it gives a wide range of RSS feeds for you to pull and puts them into categories that are easy to navigate. Our only issue with this site is that is negates several top feeds. But overall it's an excellent resource.

RSS Cool Sites

Each day we'll be posting a cool site of the day.

Purchase of AllNewsNetworks.com

We have big things planned for our new website we just purchased. We have taken the site down to make improvements. However we plan to make this a huge place to showcase our product and make headlines available to everyone that needs them on their websites. We'll be making all of the top news media stories available to websites via one click. It's going to be hot. Check back with us soon. When we open the AllNewsNetworks.com website and discussion spot. We'll also be featuring a script directory. It's going to be a news webmaster dream.

Create an Ebay.com Auction Scout

We have found a wonderful website CompleteRSS.com. They have some great RSS URL's for you to grab and bring back to QuickRSSFeeds.com. We also like their Auction Scount Creator. Just click here to try it out then bring the URL back to QuickRSSFeeds.com and you can put Ebay.com auctions on your website.

New Software

We have found some new software that will help in implemenation of Moreover.com newsfeeds. It words using PHP and no MYSQL database. All you need to do is click here to download the file. Extract the contents. Upload Moreover.php to your server. In that file just change the URL of the Moreover.com feed you want to show on your website. Point your URL to http://www.yoursite.com/moreover.php and the feed will appear on that page.

We also offer an easy way to parse the code. Just go to Moreover.com and copy the URL of the RSS feed. Then input it into our form and click create JavaScript.

We wanted to offer you another way to add these feeds to your site.

Let us know if you think it's a good script. We'll also post this to the forum for comment.

QuickRSSFeeds.com to Power StormsAlert.com

We will be powering all the rss feeds at StormsAlert.com. Currently they host over 40 seperate feeds from NOAA.gov. We'll be hosting state wide RSS storm alerts for the website. This will enable users to click on storms by state and view alerts for their counties and towns.

We'll also be hosting the bulk of information crossing the website. For more information on StormsAlert.com just click here.

Feed Problems

Recently we were updating our system. We wanted to increase the cache seconds so that you could have more up to date information. Your RSS is now updated every minute. In this workings we experienced a data storage problem for about 4 minutes. We are sorry for this inconvenience. As you know this is one of the first times this has happened with our service. We work tirelessly to be sure all feeds are up and running 24/7. If you have any questions about this issue please visit our help desk.

New Uses Issue

Here is another cool way to use our service. Let's suppose you have a local business and you want to post the weather for your area. Well now it's easy to do using RSS. You can post warnings, local forecasts and more. All you need to do is check out the rss feed library over at NOAA.gov. They'll provide you with allot of options. Like always we are here to assist you to get the feed appearing on your website. Just grab their RSS url and you can put it into our form. Then insert the JavaScript we give you into your website and you'll have yourself up to the minute weather headlines on your website.

Below is an example of local storm alerts for Maryland: