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Thursday, December 16, 2004

New updates

We have updated our cache to include updating every 1 minute. We have scheduled this change to be affective immediately. Your headlines will now update every minute.

Stay tuned for further service updates. Spread the word.

Finishing Touches

We were recently working with StormsAlert.com to integrate our services completely into their website. We have been working tirelessly in this effort and are almost ready to launch the fully interactive website. As of now their bare bones not working version is only but our services will soon power all alerts coming onto the website.

Check it out we launch it on December 26, 2004. Check it out over at StormsAlert.com.

100,000 Unique Visitors

QuickRSSFeeds.com has hit 100,000 unique visitors this month. All thanks to our faithful users. We don't ask for any link back to our website but if you have a partners page on your website please mention our services there. But hey only if you want to.

We are greatful to all our users spread the word to your friends about our services. Thanks.