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Monday, December 20, 2004

Want a job!

We're looking for qualified programmers to make several different scripts that work with weather related RSS feeds from several sources. Payments will be made per sale of developed software. You'll get royalties to the software as the developer.

If you are interested please just email us at [email protected]

New Services Coming

We are working to begin incorporating our new RSS directory into this website. Please let us know if this would be useful. [email protected]


Cool Site

We have found a cool site that can help you add thousands if not millions of ebay.com auctions to your website. Just go to NewUsedBuyer.com. Get the RSS url plug it into our website and pull the XML feed into your website. Below is an example of their feed using our service. When you go to their service type in the category name or search term you would like the generator to make. It will create the URL to the XML. All you have to do is copy that URL into our feed generator and you have thousands of auctions on your website.

When you are done just copy and paste the address in the browser bar into our feed generator. Be sure that you have the description and time checked as "yes" so that their feed will show pictures and prices.

Hope you enjoy. We'll be posting this form to our forum.

New Shout Box

So we can better communicate with our customers and let others share their experiences we have now opened our new Shout Box on our homepage drop us a dime.

QuickRSSFeeds.com Team